Talent Jung Hye Jeong gave birth to her 3rd child on 14th June .
Wife to hiphop group Jinusean’s Sean, she gave birth to their 3rd child on the morning of 14th June. Sean wrote on his minihompy on the 15th, “Our HaYul has been born into the world. On the 14th June at 9.23am, our 3rd child HaYul is born into this world.”
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Talent Park Han Byul revealed that her boyfriend singer Se7en does more aegyo (act cute) than herself.

She revealed on KBS Entertainment Weekly on 13th June, “I don’t call him by ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ because it is just not my character to do so. So on the phone, I normally call him by ‘yaa’.”

She added, “Instead Se7en has more aegyo than me”. And about their 7 years late reveal of their love relationship, she said, “We are so sorry for acknowledging it. But until now it still doesn’t feel real to me. To be in an interview like this talking about my relationship with Se7en has been my dream.”



Winning Mutizen and Encore


Congratulations to them. I still like their MUBANK perf compared to this.

oh shit i love CL”s little speech! haha she definitely set the roof of FIRE!

2NE1 + Producer plan to go the US

2NE1, who debuted with the digital single ‘Fire’ May 6th, are planning to go to the U.S. with the producers from their company, YG Entertainment, to work with the producers of today’s most popular entertainment company, Interscope.

Interscope is a large company consisted of 130 teams of pop stars including the female singer who gained the hottest popularity in the music industry this year, Lady Gaga, as well as fizz Cat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, and Dr. Dre.

By the suggestion of YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk producer, who shares a close friendship with Interscope’s head director, the two companies agreed to exchange music, and it has been decided for YG producers to go to LA in between the end of June and beginning of July.

Original article: http://www.donga.com/fbin/output?n=200906120216
Translation credits to bigbangnyuh @ DCGD + gyang @ ygsecret21

i do think that this Music Bank perf is better than Inki perfs


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