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Big Bang TOP will not take part in overseas filming, “Big Bang over drama”

Big Bang TOP will not participate in overseas filming of his current drama ‘IRIS’ to Hungary due to the group’s promotion in Japan.

TOP will follow with the other Big Bang members to Japan for their activities due to last 2-3 months. As compared to his acting, he has put more priority on his singing career.

Big Bang will release their debut single ‘My Heaven’ on 24th June, and they will follow with another single release in July. And TOP will concentrate on Big Bang’s Japanese activities for the months to come.

Filming that includes TOP for drama ‘IRIS’ has been agreed by with the drama production grow to be pushed back. TOP has expressed that it is a shame that he could not do overseas filming with the other actors to the drama like Lee Byung Heon and Kim Tae Hee.

Other than the upcoming ‘IRIS’, TOP will also participate in the upcoming SBS telecinema ‘19′.

credit kbites

let’s count!

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On a side note, everyone vote for Se7en in this poll:

Se7en seems to be losing but ygworld readers can do it!


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It’s been a while since i posted here, the very first photo that my friend showed me was of Gdragon and it actually scared me. Oh well i think this was better than his previous Arena photos or I don’t know. I’ll let you guys be the judge. The see through top and the over ripped pants are not working for me. This kid should tone down his wild fashion statement. As for T.O.P well well well, i’d love to be that  flower on his mouth. lmao. HOT!

More photos to the Big Bang photoshoot for fashion magazine Arena June issue has been revealed.

The name to the photoshoot was ‘6 Sense Raw Profile’ done by photographer Terry Richardson.

Earlier on, photos of GDragon and DaeSung have been revealed. And this time, more photos of TOP, SeungRi and TaeYang, in their smoky eye makeup, and black and white fashion style, are reavealed.

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com



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GDragon changed his picture at his Cyworld Page standing at a building in London with two shopping bags.

It seems he enjoyed his stay there a lot. The main point on this picture is the board with the words “beyond retro“.

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i didn’t even know there’s something like this whatsoever. I was just like O.O what on earth? Ambassador for the Ministry of Justice. mang it is so easy to be called Ambassador for them, while I struggle my ass off. O.O little rant ROFLMAO

i declare own-age LOL ^____^ just the photo yo!

i know, i know. lazy butts to save everything.


credits to bigbangpop/ jemnise@YGWorld

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They all look hot hot, especially TOP. His hair is just loveeee..oh. did you guys spot that girl again? =.=


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