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Translation credit: Beau (Michelle) @ ygonelove/ygworld. Article Template: Elavip @ ygbb. Please leave full credit when taken out.

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Talent Jung Hye Jeong gave birth to her 3rd child on 14th June .
Wife to hiphop group Jinusean’s Sean, she gave birth to their 3rd child on the morning of 14th June. Sean wrote on his minihompy on the 15th, “Our HaYul has been born into the world. On the 14th June at 9.23am, our 3rd child HaYul is born into this world.”

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Talent Park Han Byul revealed that her boyfriend singer Se7en does more aegyo (act cute) than herself.

She revealed on KBS Entertainment Weekly on 13th June, “I don’t call him by ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ because it is just not my character to do so. So on the phone, I normally call him by ‘yaa’.”

She added, “Instead Se7en has more aegyo than me”. And about their 7 years late reveal of their love relationship, she said, “We are so sorry for acknowledging it. But until now it still doesn’t feel real to me. To be in an interview like this talking about my relationship with Se7en has been my dream.”


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Group 2NE1 will be appearing for the first time on KBS Music Bank on 12th June.

The group, unlike other artistes, is said to be performing one once a week. And 1 month into their debut, they have only performed 3 times on TV.

And of the 3 times they had performed on SBS Inkiyayo and no appearance on KBS and MBS music shows. And it had many doubtful about their stand on their performance.

YG said, “The reason why that 2NE1 as a newcomer only appear on music shows once a week to focus on the quality of their performance to bring to the fans the best of their performance. For their performance on KBS Music Bank this week, the girls’ style and choreography will also be new. And for their first performance on KBS, they will also have backdancers for the first time.”

“The saying that 2NE1 is still lacking is all just rumours and misunderstanding. It’s because this is their first step, we are giving them more support.”


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As Goo Hye Sun becomes a star in Asia, she is also gaining hot popularity as an author of ‘TANGO’ in the overseas.Goo Hye Sun recently returned to Korean after experiencing intense popularity in Taiwan. She was doubly happy after hearing that her novel is speedily becoming a hit among her Taiwan fans. 
Even in Korea, ‘TANGO’ is receiving great feecback and reaction from its readers. ‘TANGO’ is written from the perspective of 20-something generation.

Goo Hye Sun’s YG Talent Agency stated on 6th:”When GHS was visiting Taiwan, she was very surprised to hear of the popularity of ‘TANGO’.YG associate also reported that: “Taiwan fans acquired ‘TANGO’ by internet and some fans are even studying Korean in order to read the book. GHS is moved and surprised by the devotion of the many fans.
GHS made a statement through the YG associate saying that:”I am just so surprised by all the fans of Taiwan and other countries. Even if our nationality and skin color may differ, I feel so much of your devotion and love. I am extremely grateful to you all.”

Since the ending of KBS2TV BOF in March, GHS has been enthroned to the Asian Hallyu star status and, at this time, carefully consideriing her next project.

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4 member girl group 2NE1 will be releasing a new album in July. This is getting a lot of interest as it will be an offline album.

Last May, 2NE1 debuted with ‘Fire’ as a digital single and is gaining a lot of popularity on online music charts. On the 6th a spokesperson from YGE revealed “2NE1 will be releasing a 6 song mini album in July, and we did say the album may be coming out this month but due to the schedule of a new music video shoot it has been delayed.”

Also, this album is the first album for 2NE1. The album that is to be released in July has a different concept to ‘Fire’. They will show a different look that is more of a girly type concept (edit: also meaning a more feminine concept).

Source: Nate.com
Credits: cookieMuncher @ http://ygsecret21.com for translations

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