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There has been an official news/announcement made from YG Eshop today :)
It notes that since the fans of YG artists are now gradually increasing both in and out of Korea,
there has been many requests from overseas fans for overseas shipping.
Because of this, YGEshop is now opened to overseas shipping.
Yet, the regions available is still limited to about 13 countries and only charges credit cards.

For more info, click YG ESHOP

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YGeshop is now open to Foreigners.  If you’re looking to buy the latest Big Bang items or some old school stuff; sign up at the link: YGeshop

Note: You will have to scan your Id in order to complete registration.

credit: Sari & Jess

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Two months going solo!!



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Hurry up and grab yours!!!!

[2009 BIG BANG CONCERT] BIG SHOW – Blanket [Preoreder here] 

(2009-02-24 / Pre-Order)


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BB New Goods


YG r spoiling vips and making u all go broke haah..edit: ok the bracelet is not for sale if you buy this special pack during July 25th-August 31st u will have a chance to win the bracelet..to bad it’s only for koreans..

Check YG Eshop More Info

credit:ygeshop. jess @ https://ygworld.wordpress.com/

Click on image for larger view

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jess posted by jess

Available so far @ ygeshop, will post link for yesasia once’s it’s available..credit:ygeshop, jess @ http://ygbb.page.tl/ & https://ygworld.wordpress.com

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