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Talent Jung Hye Jeong gave birth to her 3rd child on 14th June .
Wife to hiphop group Jinusean’s Sean, she gave birth to their 3rd child on the morning of 14th June. Sean wrote on his minihompy on the 15th, “Our HaYul has been born into the world. On the 14th June at 9.23am, our 3rd child HaYul is born into this world.”


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Big Bang members DaeSung and SeungRi will be starring in a new musical. Awhile back, the group released their book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ and it will be remade into a musical, and in which members DaeSung and SeungRi will be participating int. This musical will be a collaboration between YG Entertainment, Sam and Parker and Blue Stage. YG said in a phone interview on 9th June, “DaeSung and SeungRi will participate in musical. It will be a musical borrowing the contents in the book ‘Shouting to you in the world’. The place and date have not been decided yet.” Already DaeSung and SeungRi has experience in musical like ‘Cats’ and ‘Sonagi’. And their productions have also received well responses from the audience and media. The musical will talk about DaeSung and SeungRi doing part time at the broadcast centre and were selected by the PD to appear on the shows, after which they also went for audition at YG Entertainment.

c: Kbites

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As Goo Hye Sun becomes a star in Asia, she is also gaining hot popularity as an author of ‘TANGO’ in the overseas.Goo Hye Sun recently returned to Korean after experiencing intense popularity in Taiwan. She was doubly happy after hearing that her novel is speedily becoming a hit among her Taiwan fans. 
Even in Korea, ‘TANGO’ is receiving great feecback and reaction from its readers. ‘TANGO’ is written from the perspective of 20-something generation.

Goo Hye Sun’s YG Talent Agency stated on 6th:”When GHS was visiting Taiwan, she was very surprised to hear of the popularity of ‘TANGO’.YG associate also reported that: “Taiwan fans acquired ‘TANGO’ by internet and some fans are even studying Korean in order to read the book. GHS is moved and surprised by the devotion of the many fans.
GHS made a statement through the YG associate saying that:”I am just so surprised by all the fans of Taiwan and other countries. Even if our nationality and skin color may differ, I feel so much of your devotion and love. I am extremely grateful to you all.”

Since the ending of KBS2TV BOF in March, GHS has been enthroned to the Asian Hallyu star status and, at this time, carefully consideriing her next project.

© susAmerica@soompi

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HYJ gave me different feeling everytime i look at her, but yes, she’s got the charm. Some pics  ave me goosebumps though ~~


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[Telecinema] premiering at the same time in both Korea and Japan

The cooperation item of Korea and Japan will be having premiere through the Korea and Japan’s cinema screen at the same time.

The single-act play series that has been produced earlier was already performed in both countries’ theaters in the first half of this year. At first, is planned to be aired on Korea SBS, Japan Asahi TV, however, due to the concern of illegal copy might happen after broadcasting on TV, thus it has changed to be performed at theater, and after meeting with the fans at the theater, it will be aired on TV in October.

is the work that produced together by the drama program PD, Japan famous scriptwriter and such. While those who have participated in are DBSK’s Hero JaeJoong, Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Kyu Joong, actor An Jae Wook, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ha Na, Lee Ji Ah, Han Hyo Joo, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Soo Kyung etc.

News source:sports.hankooki
Translation: ming^ming@soompi (chi to eng)

for HQ download, go to YG-BB

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so again, the moment I opened soompi, i was surprised with these photos. They come without warning these past few days. ROFLMAO XD

Big Bang and SeungRi was in Seoul SamSungDong COEX for the filming of Korean-Japanese drama collaboration ‘19′ on 20th May.

The 2 will be acting alongside YG actress Heo Yi Jae.


and again, I know there are lazy butts like me LOL XD besides, 172 photos? you want to kill me? O.O

credits to isarii@YGS21 (post taken from Beau@bigbangpop)

some more photos under the cut XD

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She looks absolutely amazing ..


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